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Multi-homed SaaS with NodeJs, Express, (any)DB, Dojo

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Welcome to Hotplate

Hotplate is a framework that allows you to create 201X software in no time. By 201X software I mean software that:

I realise that in 202X (that is, 2020 to 2030) writing software will be different. What is cool now, will be taken 100% for granted in 2025. Or maybe Javascript will be dead. I don’t know, and I frankly don’t care. I wrote Hotplate because I felt that this is what software should be in 201X – which is now.

Getting into it

Hotplate is written for Node. It’s a normal, no-frills Node-based framework. So, before you get into Node, you should know:

Core technologies

Support libraries

Hotplate’s documentation

Hotplate comes with comprehensive documentation Note: not yet, documentation is in the works. The statement below are blatantly false. It has:

Current status: